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Money In A Flash – How To Sell Your Photos

Your camera can form the basis of a profitable part time business. All you need is determination and commercial savvy and you’ll find plenty of money making opportunities for good semi- professional photographers. Here are just 4 ways to make money with photos:

1) Property photography.

Using your local phone book, telephone all the estate NFTs agents in your area. Aim to get a regular order to take photos of all the houses the agency is trying to sell. To clinch the deal, offer to photograph the first 5 for free.

When you arrive, decide how to show the property in the best way. For example: if the house next door has old cars parked in the drive, or rubbish piled up, you’ll want to exclude these.

Most estate agents want at least one large photograph for their window display and some smaller prints for written particulars.

Boost business by suggesting that slow selling properties should be re- photographed regularly. For example: a photo of a house in December will be less attractive then one taken in the spring.

2) School Photography.

Contact the schools in your area by telephone or a letter. Offer to photograph every pupil in the school individually, and, offer to take brother/sister photographs, class and year photos and school teams (football, netball etc) too. Negotiate a bulk discount with a photo printing shop or a mail order processor.

The best size for a portrait photograph is 8×6 inches. Mount photos inside a neat cardboard frame; and enclose them with a clear PVC case to keep them clean. These items are available from photographic shops.

Photographs are offered on a sale or return basis and you’ll find that the profits from sales more than cover the cost of returns.

Always contact schools once a year to arrange to photograph its pupils again.

3) News photography.

Approach local newspapers, local offices of national newspapers to offer your services. Contacts can be found in the Writer’s Handbook or Benn’s Media Directory which you’ll find at your local library.

Your chances of being employed will be improved if you have a selection of newsworthy photographs ready to show the editor.

If a newspaper agrees to use your services, don’t wait for them to call you. Make sure to have your camera with you at all times. Take photographs of any newsworthy event (traffic accidents, demonstrations, local gala’s and shows) then call the editor immediately with details.

Most newspapers will pay you for any photographs they use rather than a hourly rate, but that can be much more profitable for you. Rates vary from $40 for a run of the mill photograph, up to thousands of dollars for a really newsworthy photograph.

4) Landscape photography.

Take photos of famous buildings, local scenes and attractive landscapes, and produce a range of framed photo prints from them.

Best bets are widely admired sights that are popular with local people and tourists. For example: beauty spots, churches, cathedrals and stately homes.

Plan the best place and time to take your photographs, buildings and landscapes look better when it is sunny.

Take at least ten photos and choose the best shot. Have some of them printed and framed. Offer them to local shops on a sale or return basis.

Make sure to check the prices of similar photographs and settle on a appropriate price. On average, a good framed photograph will cost about $6 to produce using ready made frames, so sell them for about $40-50. Offer about 10-15% commission to shops, pubs, restaurants and market stall that sell your photographs for you.

Lisa Pine as been working from home, using different methods for the past four years. She helps run the blog ‘Work at home options’ which you can visit at [] The blog was set up to help people fed up with their 9-5 job, find a way to earn an income from working at home in their own time.


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