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Is GBWhatsapp Safe? 3 Reasons To Avoid Modded Apps

Three years in the past, I set up a changed model of Whatsapp named GBWhatsapp. I turned into bored stiff with the vintage and uninteresting version of Whatsapp. At that time, the original Whatsapp turned into undeniable and easy. On the other hand, GBWhatsapp app gb whatsapp apk gave dozens of capabilities that were not supplied through authentic Whatsapp.

It seemed such a perfect and excessive-cease app that I proudly flaunted the features of GBWhatsapp. Nonetheless, the functions had been useful however no longer truly safe.

I speedy found out that it changed into my mistake to install that utility. It turned into a modded application.

Not just GBWhatsapp but there are too many Whatsapp clones to be had in the marketplace – Whatsapp Blue, Whatsapp Plus, Whatsapp Gold, FM Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp, and several others which I don’t even realize.

Modded Apps cited are GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Blue, Whatsapp Plus, Whatsapp Gold, FM Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp
Is GBWhatsapp Safe?
No. Not handiest GBWhatsapp however not one of the Whatsapp clones are secure. Whatsapp has absolutely stated in their phrases of services that they don’t tolerate the altered variations of their application. It can lead to suspension of your account.

What are the Modded Apps?
Programmers make modifications within the actual code of the App’s APK file to add or remove a few capabilities from the real app. They are basically the cracked versions of authentic Android Apps.

This is handiest relevant for Android due to the fact iOS does not allow third celebration packages for installation. Another reason why iOS more secure than Android however that’s the part of every other debate.

Read More versions of Whatsapp?

Based on my studies, those are some modded versions of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Plus
Yo Whatsapp
Whatsapp Gold
Whatsapp Blue
FM Whatsapp
Whatsapp Reform
Whatsapp Aero
OG Whatsapp
Whatsapp Prime
Whatsapp Indigo
GBWhatsapp Mini
Whatsapp jiMOD
Soula WhatsApp Lite
Whatsapp MA
ZE WhatsApp
WhatsApp Tweaker
These apps are unofficial. Don’t deploy them.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Install GBWhatsapp or Whatsapp Clones
1] Lack of Security & Data Privacy
Whatsapp is not an open-source utility. This way that Whatsapp does now not allow any random man or woman to make modifications in its code and release as a separate product.

If an utility can add features with the aid of including some strains of code, then it can in reality add some greater traces of code to scouse borrow your private records. Certainly, this is possible because there’s no loose lunch on this global.

Simple good judgment – why might a employer take efforts on your convenience? It will exchange the code, pass towards all of the odds whilst doing this unlawful business and offer it to you without spending a dime?

Hint: Data is the brand new oil and money churning machine.

Also Read there’s no stop-to-cease encryption on those applications. Not simplest these apps are internally dangerous however each person can reap the statistics from the mid-manner and nobody might realize!

Everyone uses Whatsapp for personal usage and we all have such non-public chats which we gained’t like if exposed out in public. Would you want it?

2] It isn’t always gift on Google Play shop or Apple App Store
Do you realize why GBWhatsapp isn’t always allowed on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store? Because they don’t follow the regulations and rules.

Google and Apple are very strict in relation to rules. They ban such apps that don’t observe their policies. For the same cause, they maintain on banning numerous Chinese Apps because they have been always found amid the malicious sports My Opinions on App Bans

Seems like, these modded apps are also no longer clearly following the guidelines and therefore no longer allowed on shops. They are to be downloaded from 1/3-party malicious websites. This is a huge red flag for any popular utility to function from outdoor.

3] You will get banned
I am not kidding or claiming on theoretical theories. This occurs for real.

Being one of the maximum regarded writers in Mobile Applications subject matter on Quora, a lot of my fans on Quora complain. They bitch that Whatsapp has banned their account due to the fact they were using modded apps.

[Whatsapp banned several users for using unofficial apps: Firstpost Report]

In fact, Whatsapp has strictly noted on its internet site in its regulations to now not use GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. Yes, Whatsapp referred to the names at once.

You can test it out here: Whatsapp FAQ – About Banned Accounts

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